Certain & Zilberg, PLLC is a small, dedicated and tenacious team of innovative and skilled legal professionals committed to providing the highest quality representation to our clients, from our attorneys to our paralegals, investigators and support staff. We take great pride in having earned a reputation for aggressive advocacy, professionalism and integrity while helping our clients and their families receive full and just compensation for their serious injuries and wrongful losses as well as protect the rights of the accused.

Our strength is in our genuine passion for our clients and the law. We have built our practice on word of mouth recommendations from our former clients and referrals from attorneys familiar with our abilities and record for obtaining results.

Certain & Zilberg, PLLC's cases have been covered by major media outlets across the country and internationally, including The New York Times, Newsweek Magazine, Forbes, The New York Post, Daily News, Newsday, The New York Law Journal, LA Times, Washington Post, Miami Herald, Boston Globe, Baltimore Sun, The Chicago Sun Times, Chicago Tribune, Philadelphia Inquirer, San Jose Mercury News, and Local (CBS, NBC, FOX, ABC, MY9, Univision 41, Telemundo 47, News 12, NY1, 1010 WINS Radio, CBS Radio) and National (MSNBC, CNBC, Primer Impacto,) and International Television Programs (BBC -England, Nippon TV - Japan) among many others.

As active members of the legal community Certain & Zilberg, PLLC has utilized its skills to advocate for rights of injury victims, civil liberties, human rights and broader reforms in the areas of product safety and police misconduct.

The Law Firm of Certain & Zilberg, PLLC is not a litigation factory and we do not manage our cases as if they were on an assembly line. We know our clients by face, name and frequently by voice. Each client is important and their case will receive personal attention and our dedicated efforts. We have built our law practice on our ability to make a difference in the lives of our clients. The Law Firm of Certain & Zilberg, PLLC is a different type of Law Firm. We are approachable, friendly and have genuine compassion for our clients. We know the legal system can be confusing and intimidating. We endeavor to put our clients at ease by explaining each step of the litigation process and keep you involved and informed of every important decision and development in your case.

Our firm is further distinguished by our commitment to applying state-of-the-art technology to provide our clients with efficient, cost effective legal services as well as creative and persuasive courtroom presentations, from electronic research to automated document assembly, digital file storage and retrieval, high resolution digital still photography, high definition video, high speed photography, aerial photography, 2D and 3D computer simulations, charts, graphs, timelines, models and molded replications. We believe that attorneys who fail to keep up with technology provide less effective representation to their clients.

At the Law Firm of Certain & Zilberg, PLLC Integrity Matters. While the vast majority of persons seeking legal assistance are honest and justly seeking full and fair compensation for economic losses and actual pain and suffering, some are not. Our justice system is poorly served by less than legitimate claims and dishonest practices by unscrupulous plaintiffs, defendants, insurance carriers and their attorneys. These inappropriate practices cause judges, juries and lawmakers to view legitimate claims and defenses with greater suspicion. Certain & Zilberg, PLLC is only interested in aggressively pursing full compensation for the claims of wrongfully injured persons, whether physically, emotionally or monetarily injured.